Defendants in a State court action filed a declaratory judgment action in federal court seeking a declaration as to the validity of an arbitration agreement. The resident’s sister had signed the Agreement for Arbitration. The court found it clear that resident could not have signed the agreement herself due to HIV, CVA with right-side hemiparis, […]

Defendant moved to compel arbitration pursuant to the Federal Arbitration Act, 9 U.S.C. § 4. Under 5th Circuit precedent, the court must first determine whether the parties agreed to arbitrate and whether the dispute in question falls within the scope of the agreement. Here, the resident’s daughter signed the arbitration agreement without a power of […]

Plaintiff filed a State court action alleging nursing home negligence at a home controlled by JPMorgan. When admitted, Plaintiff’s mother filed a conspicuous arbitration clause, introduced in bold-faced font stating “ARBITRATION – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.” After the State court action was filed, JPMorgan filed a federal action to compel arbitration. The only argument considered was […]

On November 7, 2002, when resident was admitted to a nursing home, her daughter signed an agreement for arbitration. On August 23, 2004, a nursing home negligence case was filed in State court. Mariner then filed a federal action to compel arbitration. Fifth circuit precedent indicates the court should determine (1) whether there is a […]

Facility sought to compel arbitration after suit was filed. Resident was alone when admitted to the facility. He was illiterate, but purportedly executed an arbitration agreement. Although illiteracy alone will not invalidate an arbitration agreement, the Estate contended that the resident did not place the “X” on the agreement and the facility employees could not […]

Plaintiff brought wrongful death action against assisted living facility. During the admission process, resident’s daughter signed admission papers without a power of attorney and without discussing it with the resident. After suit was filed, the facility filed a motion to compel arbitration. The matter was referred to the magistrate. The court found no evidence that […]

At admission to assisted living facility, daughter who was completing documents indicated she wanted to have residency agreement reviewed by an attorney. The facility employee said that would be “pointless” because the facility would not accept any changes and resident would not be allowed to move in without a signed agreement. The agreement provided for […]

This is not a nursing home case. Justice Scalia, writing for the Court, framed the issue as whether a court or an arbitrator should consider a claim that a contract containing an arbitration agreement is void for illegality. Customers of a check cashing company had signed agreements including an arbitration clause. A class of customers […]

The Estate appealed after the trial court granted Manor Care’s motion to compel arbitration. Resident’s wife had signed admissions agreement and an arbitration and limitation of liability agreement. After the resident filed suit, Manor Care answered, making a demand for trial by jury. Later it moved to compel arbitration. On appeal, Plaintiff argued that Manor […]

Conservator initialed pages indicating she read arbitration agreement, but did not sign the agreement. Facility made two attempts to have her sign the arbitration agreement and each time she declined. Resident continued to receive care in the facility. Plaintiff submitted an affidavit stating: “To the best of her memory and knowledge she had a reservation […]

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