When Luanna Campbell was admitted to a nursing home, her daughter signed a number of agreements, including an arbitration agreement. Plaintiff argued there was no valid agreement to arbitrate because: (1) Lizzie Bowens lacked the authority to bind Luanna Campbell to arbitration; (2) the circumstances in which Campbell signed the agreement are dubious; and, (3) […]

Resident suffering from dementia was admitted to nursing facility. Husband signed admissions documents including two arbitration agreements. California law prohibits including the arbitration agreement in the admissions agreement so it was a separate document. Husband signed the arbitration agreement on a line labled “Legal Rep/Responsible Party/Agent.” Husband did not hold a power of attorney and […]

Children of deceased nursing home resident sued nursing home. The trial court denied the nursing home’s motion to compel arbitration and the nursing home appealed. The resident had executed a California Probate Code § 4701 health care power of attorney that impliedly included the power to execute contracts for nursing home admission. The power of […]

Kindred filed a motion for an emergency protective order after the trial allowed limited discovery on the sole issue of whether the arbitration agreement executed on behalf of the resident was void. Among the matters over which Kind sought protection was the relationship between Kindred and the service that administers the ADR program, as well […]

The trial court denied a motion to compel arbitration because the agent had no authority to execute the arbitration agreement. On appeal, the court found that the health care agent “had the authority to execute on King’s behalf any waiver, release, or other document which may be necessary to implement health care decisions that Daniel […]

When defendant answered the complaint it alleged the dispute was subject to arbitration and asked for a jury trial. After four months of discovery, Defendant moved to compel arbitration. The trial court denied the motion ruling that Defendant could not withdraw its jury demand without Plaintiffs’ consent. On appeal, the court found that Defendant could […]

Trial court granted motion to stay pending arbitration. Affirmed on appeal. On appeal Plaintiff argued that the agreement was procedurally and substantively unconscionable. Reviewing the facts, the court observed that “[a]n unconscionable contract clause is one in which there is an absence of meaningful choice for the contracting parties, coupled with draconian contract terms unreasonably […]

Buie filed a wrongful death action after resident’s death. Buie signed an agreement for arbitration on the line for a legal representative, but not on the line where she would sign for herself. Defendants argued that the case should be dismissed under Rule 12(b)(1) because all claims were subject to arbitration; Defendants moved to compel […]

After Plaintiff filed suit, Defendant filed a motion to dismiss, compel arbitration and stay discovery. The magistrate entered a report and recommendation that the motion be denied. Before the magistrate the plaintiff raised enough evidence to question the nursing home resident’s capacity to enter into an arbitration agreement. The plaintiff also argued that because a […]

When Dan Weeks entered the nursing home, Murry Weeks, his legal representative signed an “an agreement to arbitrate any dispute that might arise between Dan Weeks (“Resident”) and/or Murry W. Weeks (“Legal Representative” and [Greenwood Health and Rehabilitation Center](“Facility”)(“Facility” includes the particular facility where the Resident resides, its parents, affiliates, and subsidiary companies, owners, officers, […]

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