Porter Morrison Ryan was survived by her daughter, Mary Frances Tuttle and other relatives. After Porter died in 2003, Tuttle asked the court to probate a Will executed in 1956. The other relatives objected, contending that the 1956 Will was revoked when Porter executed a new Will in 1999. Tuttle responded arguing that Porter was […]

Prior to filing suit, Plaintiff opened an estate for resident in Tallahatchie County. After the suit was filed, Defendants filed a motion to render appointment of the administrator void ab initio, contending the estate should have been filed in Leflore county. Plaintiffs then filed a petition for the appointment of an administrator in Leflore county […]

Effective January 1, 2021, Georgia HB 865 (Act 508), amended the Georgia Probate code. Now, if you prepare a written statement or list disposing of tangible personal property (a “who gets what” list), it can be incorporated into your will by reference. That means that if there is a dispute concerning tangible personal property, the […]

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