In In re Estate of Butler, 356 Ga. App. 287 (2020), Anita Butler filed a petition to probate her father’s Will. Other family members filed an objection and caveat. Ultimately the case was settled with Butler agreeing to offer her late father’s will in Vermont in order to transfer a parcel of real estate located […]

In Spence v. Dep’t of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, 359 Ga. App. 603 (2021), Jermaine Spense was involuntarily committed as a hospital inpatient. Spence sought review after the Department sought an order of continued hospitalization of Spence pursuant to OCGA § 37-3-83. On April 18, 2019, the Muscogee County Probate Court entered an order […]

In In re Estate of Brown, 357 Ga. App. 869, 850 S.E.2d 503 (2020), the Fulton County Probate Court appointed Ann Herrera as conservator for Leon Brown in 2011. After Brown died, Herrera filed a petition for letters of administration and Brown’s sister, Linda Glover, objected. Glover argued that Brown was a resident of Henry […]

By statute, Georgia law provides that “No common-law marriage shall be entered into in this state on or after January 1, 1997. Otherwise valid common-law marriages entered into prior to January 1, 1997, shall not be affected by this Code section and shall continue to be recognized in this state.” See O.C.G.A. § 19-3-1.1. Still, […]

In In re Estate of Cornett, 357 Ga. App. 310 (2020), Sarah Cornett was appointed successor Executor over the Will of her deceased husband, George Thomas Cornett, Jr. (“Tom”). Tom had five surviving adult children. Sarah appealed after she was removed as Executor and ordered to return certain estate assets and to pay certain funds […]

elder law resources - ABLE Accounts

In In re Estate of Burkhalter, 354 Ga. App. 231 (2020), William Burkhalter was executor of the estate of Louise Ray Burkhalter. George Burkhalter and Nancy Ward, beneficiaries of Louise’s estate, filed a petition for declaratory judgment seeking an accounting. William took the position that George and Nancy had violated the Will’s in terrorem clause […]

In Georgia, a Conservator must file an annual return and a final return. The current form appears below. For the most part, this form requires a check-book type entry, listing all funds coming in and all funds going out. One mistake many conservators make which adds to the book-keeping burden is maintaining multiple accounts. Multiple […]

Georgia State Medicaid Plan

News Sources: Elder Law Attorney Daniel Tully has 9 questions you should ask before you or a loved one goes into a nursing home Elder Law Attorney Janet Colliton answers “Where is home when you have more than one?” Social Security proposal would raise revenue and temporarily enhance benefits Nursing homes can now lift most […]

Robert C. Port is a business litigation attorney practicing with Gaslowitz Frankel, LLC. He is author of Georgia Business Litigation and has a blog covering diverse subjects such as “Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until the Divorce is Finalized to Update Your Estate Plan,” “Investing 101: Things to Consider and Questions to Ask,” and “How Long […]

Former OCGA § 24-3-18 (now § 24-4-826) provides a hearsay exception for medical reports in civil cases without requiring the doctor to testify at trial. Bell v. Austin, 278 Ga. 844, 845 (1) (a) (607 SE2d 569) (2005). See Owensby v. Williams, 355 Ga. App. 695 (2020) (Stating in footnote 2 that former OCGA § […]

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