Jury found that nursing home and hospital were equally at fault. On JNOV, the trial court awarded damages for survival, medical expenses, funeral expenses and attorney’s fees. Court of appeals rejected nursing home’s argument that the trial court erred by redacting conclusions in the medical review panel report to the effect that the nursing home […]

Plaintiffs moved for JNOV after the jury failed to award wrongful death damages and allocated 70% of damages to the ambulance service that had previously been settled. The trial court modified the award by increasing medical expenses and funeral expenses to reflect the actual damages evidenced at trial. The trial court also awarded 40% of […]

Defendant appealed following entry of judgment on verdict and denial of its motion for JNOV. Resident died after he went into a diabetic coma. His doctor had ordered insulin on a sliding scale with his blood sugar to be checked at least daily. Plaintiffs were able to show that on numerous occasions, insulin was not […]

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