Resident died after becoming entrapped between a mattress and bedrail. Nursing home employee provided report to nursing home administrator, which administrator crumpled and put in desk drawer. Later, second report was prepared. During deposition, Plaintiffs asked: “(1) what was Ms. Airhart’s reaction upon learning of the events about Mr. Mathias; (2) what did Ms. Airhart […]

Summary judgment for nursing home was affirmed. Plaintiff was left alone by independent contractor ambulance driver when the driver escorted another patient to her residence. When driver returned, resident was missing, having wandered off. Resident was found 3 days later, having died from hypothermia. Nursing home could not be held vicariously responsible for independent contractor’s […]

In this “short” order, the court of appeals reversed in part denial of defendant’s motion for summary judgment. That portion of Defendants’ motion seeking summary judgment on punitive damages claims was improperly denied because Defendants met their burden on the motion by establishing the absence of any conduct that could be viewed as so reckless […]

Resident, 91 year old allegedly sustained a fractured femur and multiple bruises while she was being transferred from bed to a wheelchair. An agency CNA, Akosah, had been assigned to assist the LPN on duty. After Plaintiff filed suit, the nursing home brought a third-party action against the agency CNA and her employer. Plaintiff moved […]

Defendants’ motion for summary judgment granted and affirmed where experts for Defendants’ gave opinions that pressure ulcers on heels were result of vascular and arterial disease, leaving resident with no pulse in lower extremities. Plaintiffs’ expert offered only conclusory assertions and speculation that an earlier diagnosis and treatment of heel decubitus would have avoided bilateral […]

Depositions of nursing home maintenance supervisor and administrator allowed after Plaintiff demonstrated that other deposed individuals had insufficient knowledge of resident’s injuries and likelihood that the additional witnesses possessed information that was material and necessary.

Resident’s claim went to the medical review board. The review board’s decision was mailed to an attorney in California, where it was signed for by a postal employee and then was forwarded to an attorney in Louisiana. Under Louisiana law, the limitations period is suspended while a claim is with the review board, but the […]

Summary judgment for defendants was reversed. Resident, a stroke victim, was paralyzed on the right side including his mouth and throat. His condition interfered with chewing and swallowing. At admission, the dietician noted resident’s diet as no concentrated sweets and chop meat. Later it was changed to 1800 calorie diabetic diet, then later to chopped […]

After instructing the jury, the court realized that no instruction was given on proximate cause. Counsel for both parties consented to the instruction. The court then included it in the written charge delivered to the jury, but it was not read with the other charges. The jury then returned a defense verdict finding that Manor […]

Plaintiff filed suit for negligence relating to falls in a nursing home but failed to attach the expert affidavit required by O.C.G.A. § 9-11-9.1. Defendants moved to dismiss. Plaintiffs retained new counsel who secured an affidavit from a physician and, based on the amendment, argued that the claim was for ordinary negligence. After considering the […]

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