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Redwood v. Dobson, 476 F.3d 462 (7th Cir. 2007). The court identifies this litigation as a “grudge match.” When counsel spent the first 30 pages of a deposition reviewing Gerstein’s criminal history, the questions got under his skin. After he began answering with “that’s none of your business” counsel began instructing him not to answer. […]

elder law resources - ABLE Accounts

Wilcox v. Gamble Guest Care Corp., 928 So. 2d 695 (La. Ct. App. 2006). Plaintiff appealed after trial court sustained patient liability fund’s exception of no cause of action on Nursing Home Bill of Rights claim and appealed trial court’s awards for damages. Plaintiff had settled with the nursing home and proceeded to trial against […]

elder law resources - ABLE Accounts

Forsythe v. Clark USA, Inc., 2007 Ill. LEXIS 434 (Ill. 2007). Two mechanics were killed at a refinery. Later, their estates filed suit against Clark Refining and Marketing, as well as other defendants including Clark USA. Plaintiffs alleged “that defendant breached a duty to use reasonable care in imposing its business strategy on Clark Refining […]

elder law resources - ABLE Accounts

Lakeridge Villa Health Care Ctr. v. Leavitt, 2006 U.S. App. LEXIS 27338 (6th Cir. 2006). Lakeridge is an Ohio nursing home that participates in Medicare and Medicaid. When it was surveyed, it was found out of compliance with several provider requirements. It was fined a civil monetary penalty of $80,300. The fine was upheld and […]

elder law resources - ABLE Accounts

Marmet Health Care Center v. Brown, 132 S. Ct. 1201 (2012). Marmet began as three seperate cases in West Virginia. In each case, a family member of a nursing home resident signed an admission agreement which included an arbitration clause buried within the text. The Plaintiffs argued the arbitration provision was void because it violated […]

Trust corpus found to be countable ( R.I. Super.) ————————————- Jeanne M. Biagetti established a revocable trust in 1998. According to counsel, it became irrevocable in 2001 when she became unable to manage her own financial affairs. When She applied for Medicaid in 2009, however, the trust was found to be a countable resource and […]

elder law resources - ABLE Accounts

Another Court Rules that NHRA is a toothless tiger (E.D. Mo.) Elgin James filed suit alleging that he developed bedsores due to nursing home negligence. Specifically, he alleged that the nursing home violated 42 C.F.R. § 483.25 which provides that a nursing home must prevent bedsores unless they are unavoidable. Following a line of cases […]

CMS has no obligation to accept an MSP liability allocation without an adjudication on the merits (W.D. Kentucky) In this is Medicare Secondary Payer case, Hadden sought waiver of recovery of a condition payment. After suing to recover for injuries sustained in a collision, Hadden settled for $125,000, in addition to receiving $10,000 in Kentucky […]

Tax Cases

elder law resources - ABLE Accounts

Transfer of Partnership Interest Was Not Immediate Gift (TC) —————————————— The tax court was faced with whether gifts petitioners made of limited partnership interests to their adult children during 2000, 2001, and 2002 qualified as annual exclusions pursuant to section 2503(b). The court found that they did not. On September 11, 1997, petitioners formed Price […]

Clear and convincing evidence supported establishment of conservatorship (TN App) —————————————— Petitioners petitioned for the appointment of a conservator for the person and estate of their mother. They alleged that she had dementia, Parkinson’s disease, coronary artery disease, and was unable to make decisions about her health or finances. The Trial Court found by clear […]

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