The Estate of Clifford Ward filed a wrongful death case against a nursing home and corporate defendants in the Rutherford County Circuit Court. The four defendants were National Healthcare Corporation; NHC/Delaware, Inc.; NHC, Inc.; and National Healthcare/Knoxville, LLC. In the complaint, the plaintiffs alleged that the defendants were joint venturers with an equal right to […]

Stinson, a 75 year old who was struck by another resident, fell and broke her hip. She died four months later. The resident who struck her, Johnson, had been approved for placement at the nursing home after he was evaluated by the State. Gensis was under contract with Life Care to provide mental health services […]

On appeal, the Supreme Court of Tennessee found that the primary issue was whether a durable power of attorney for health care authorized the attorney-in-fact to enter into an arbitration agreement as part of a contract admitting the principal to a nursing home and thereby to waive the principal’s right to trial by jury. The […]

The trial court granted summary judgment to the defendant, finding that the statute of limitations had run. The Court of appeals reversed the trial court’s ruling in January, 2006 after finding that disability tolls the statute of limitations notwithstanding the existence of a durable power of attorney. On appeal, the defendants argued the that the agent, […]

After a jury returned a verdict for the Estate, Defendants field a motion for new trial. The action was brought against the doctor, and the nursing home and several employees after resident suffered anoxic brain injury when she dislodged her tracheostomy tube. Prior to trial all parties except the doctor settled and the trial proceeded […]

Defendant Barnes, an agency nurse, was found guilty in a criminal case of knowingly, intentionally and recklessly causing injury to a nursing home resident by cutting her feeding tube. The remaining Defendants in a civil case filed a Motion for Issue Preclusion against Barnes, seeking a conclusive determination that Barnes intentionally and surreptitiously cut the […]

This case concerns a dispute under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The issue was whether Plaintiff’s mental and physical condition were in issue by filing a malpractice suit and whether the trial court erred by allowing, but not requiring, ex parte oral communications with health care providers. On appeal the court held […]

After admission to the nursing home, resident met with the admissions director and signed a “resident admission agreement” and an “alternative dispute resolution agreement between resident and facility.” Later, resident suffered from recurring falls, was permitted to get sick and died as a result of treatment. Daughter filed a wrongful death action against nursing home. […]

In wrongful death case against nursing home, Defendants appealed trial court’s order granting motion to compel three incident reports prepared by staff, and denying Defendants’ motion for protective order based on peer review privilege. Incident reports were prepared by nursing home following unusual circumstances and documented facts surrounding them. Defendants provided affidavit of Administrator stating […]

After Plaintiffs filed a wrongful death suit, Defendants filed a motion to compel arbitration. Plaintiff argued the resident was incompetent and incapable of understanding the agreement and that the agent had no authority to enter into an arbitration agreement. The court found that resident’s health care agent had authority to bind the agent “in matters […]

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