Murchison v. Smith, 270 Ga. 169 (1998). Ms. Annie Bell Smith was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in December 1994. On January 31, 1995, she executed a will leaving the bulk of her estate to her brother-in-law, Caesar Smith and his wife Lois Smith, who were assisting Ms. Smith and providing her with care. Ms. […]

Ashford v. Van Horne, 276 Ga. 636 (2003). Dr. Alexander Ashford and his wife were estranged after marrying in 1968. Mrs. Ashford filed for divorce in 1999 after a lengthy separation. Dr. Ashford died in 2001 during the divorce proceedings. In 1988, Dr. Ashford’s sister drove him to see an attorney. There, Dr. Ashford produced […]

Margretta K. Brice died leaving two children, Janice B. Stout and Stephen Curtice Brice. After Margretta died in 2005, Stephen filed a petition to probate her Will in solemn form. Stephen and Janice were the only beneficiaries. With the petition, Stephen filed an acknowledgment of service and assent to probate instanter executed by Janice. The […]

Porter Morrison Ryan was survived by her daughter, Mary Frances Tuttle and other relatives. After Porter died in 2003, Tuttle asked the court to probate a Will executed in 1956. The other relatives objected, contending that the 1956 Will was revoked when Porter executed a new Will in 1999. Tuttle responded arguing that Porter was […]

A jury trial was held to determine whether Mildred Hilton had testamentary capacity to execute a new Will. After the jury found she lacked capacity, the trial court determined that the verdict was incorrect and entered judgment notwithstanding the verdict. Alternatively, the judge also entered an order granting a new trial. Under Georgia law, a […]

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