Penalty Affirmed After Life Estate Conveyed; Hardship Waiver Unavailable Because No Legal Action was Taken to Recover Property. Petitioner, a divorced individual, acquired a life estate in business property with his ex-wife owning the remainder interest. He entered a nursing home in March 2008 and his Medicaid application was denied after the caseworker valued his […]

Georgia’s Medicaid Manual cannot be enforced when it conflicts with federal law. Applicant resided in an assisted living facility until she went to a nursing home in 2008 and applied for Medicaid. Prior to that time, her vacant home was placed on the market and sold. To accomplish the sale, Petitioner conveyed her life estate […]

Assessment of transfer penalty on sale of life estate affirmed. Conservators sold life estate for $1,500, then sold the applicant’s home for $55,000 after putting $13,397 into repairing the home. A transfer of resource penalty was assessed because the life estate interest was .58914 percent of the home value, which is well below $1,500. On […]

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