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The SSI rules are a good beginning point because Medicaid cannot impose rules more restrictive than the SSI rules. SSI excludes burial funds up to the exemption limit which is currently $1,500 for the applicant and the applicant’s spouse. POMS SI 01130.410. Burial funds can be: revocable burial contracts; revocable burial trusts; other revocable burial […]

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Annuity; Transfer Penalty for Failing to Name State as Beneficiary. Petitioner, a 95 year old nursing home resident, applied for Medicaid on December 15, 2008. DFCS denied eligibility and imposed a transfer of resources penalty because she had purchased an annuity without naming the State of Georgia as a beneficiary. The annuity was irrevocable and […]

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Single Premium Life Insurance Contract; Penalty Reversed. On November 5, 2008, Petitioner filed an application to purchase a Single Premium Pure Endowment Life Insurance Contract. She paid $89,500 for the policy which, in five years, would pay her children $91,327.  The contract stated there was no cash surrender value and that no benefits would be […]

Use of Burial Funds for Care Results in them Being Treated as Income. In a one page decision, the ALJ affirmed an increase in Petitioner’s cost-share for December 2008 where Petitioner used funds set aside for burial for personal care. The ALJ noted this decision did not impact eligibility for any month other than December […]

Cash Value of Life Insurance Cannot Be Designated as Burial Fund. Denial of eligibility was affirmed where Petitioner had a life insurance policy with a face value of $25,000 and a cash value of $2,354 because cash value cannot be designated as a burial fund. Note: compare old Section 2312 with current Section 2312. OSAH-Unknown-Teate-3-2008.pdf (March 13, 2008).

Life Insurance Snafu. Petitioner and Respondent stipulated facts in this case. Petitioner applied for nursing home Medicaid in March 2008. DFCS denied the application because Petitioner had three life insurance policies with a cumulative face value of $13,831. Since the face value exceeded $10,000, the cash value of the policies was counted toward Petitioner’s $2,000 […]

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