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Judge William T. Boyett to Retire After Serving 40 Years

The Press Release below is re-posted as circulated to the Conasauga Bar Association. Our personal comments are that Judge Boyett, though soon retired, will continue to be an icon of the community. Through 40 years of service, he gave of himself tirelessly to rule impartially, deliver justice and uphold the law.

Judge Boyett is a Judge’s Judge and whoever replaces him will have big shoes to fill. There are probably hundreds of Judge Boyett stories out there, but I still recall picking a jury more than 20 years ago for an appointed case. Judges, lawyers and others had to show up for jury service after most exemptions from service were eliminated. Judge Boyett was on my panel and I had the last strike. It was a criminal trial and the D.A. was probably certain I would strike the Judge. I didn’t and left him on the jury panel. Judge Boyett served as a member of the jury and my client was acquitted on the main charge (DUI), although convicted of public intoxication. My client had been sitting in his car and there were no witnesses who saw him driving. What the D.A. may not have known was something my mentor at the time drummed into me – Judge Boyett was by the book. If the evidence was there, he would vote to convict, but if it wasn’t (and I knew it wasn’t), then despite his repuation as being tough on DUIs, he would not let his feelings get in the way and would vote to acquit. My mentor was right and I, as so many other lawyers who’ve been before him, saw a man who served our judicial system, listening to the evidence and following the rules. With your Georgia Bull Dawg always close to your heart, Ez Elder Law salutes Judge Boyett and thanks him for his 40 years of service. May your retirement be blessed!

Recently, William T. Boyett, Chief Superior Court Judge of the Conasauga Judicial Circuit announced his retirement from the Superior Court bench, effective January 1, 2023. With 40 years of service, Judge Boyett is the longest-serving active Superior Court judge in the state of Georgia. He is also the longest-serving Superior Court judge in the history of the Conasauga Judicial Circuit, which is comprised of Whitfield and Murray counties.

So great is the esteem and respect held for him in the local legal community that in eleven consecutive elections, including his first election to the Superior Court bench in 1982, Judge Boyett never once drew a challenger.

In honor of his many contributions to the legal system, the historic main courtroom of the Whitfield County Courthouse has been renamed the “William T. Boyett Courtroom.” At a ceremony re-dedicating the courtroom in September 2022, Supreme Court Justice Charlie Bethel read the following letter, written by Chief Justice Michael P. Boggs:

“As the longest-serving active member of the state Superior Court bench, you represent the best of the judiciary, and through your service have helped to build public confidence in our judicial system as a fundamental, indispensable and independent branch of government. And despite nearly 40 stellar years as a Superior Court judge, you have also served the state judiciary well beyond your service on the bench. Your dedicated public service has truly made the judiciary better and improved the administration of justice. Whether as president of the Council of Superior Court Judges (including during my time on the Superior Court bench), through service on nearly every committee of the council, service on the Judicial Council, or in giving back to your community, you represent the very best of our profession.”

In January 2020, Judge Boyett was recognized by the Council of Superior Court Judges with the Judge Emory Findley Award for Judicial Service, which honors the best of the best Superior Court judges in the state of Georgia. Judge Boyett also served as the president of the Council of Superior Court Judges from 2006-2007 and served on the Judicial Council of Georgia from 1998-2000, and again from 2005-2007.

Judge Boyett began the practice of law in 1969 with the firm of Mitchell & Mitchell, after earning his undergraduate and law degrees from his beloved University of Georgia. Judge Boyett is the proud father of three children and the even prouder grandfather of seven grandchildren.

We, the three remaining Superior Court judges of the Conasauga Circuit, wish to express our admiration and appreciation for our leader, our colleague, our mentor, and our friend, Judge William Boyett.

Judge Cindy Morris
Judge Jim Wilbanks
Judge Scott Minter

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