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As you plan for your future, there are steps you can take to make life easier for yourself and your loved ones. Here are a few to consider:





Do you have a financial power of attorney? If so, is it broad enough to address issues such as retirement accounts, stocks, and other matters? Is it stale (old)? Are your agent designations current?




Do you have a Health Care Advance Directive and, if so, are the agent designations current?




Do you have a Will? (Everyone should have a Will, even if it simply pours assets over into a Trust)




Have you prepared written instructions such as a letter, listing will receive specific items of personal property, where financial papers, assets, debt papers and other important items can be found?




If you have not prepared written instructions, have your wishes been expressed verbally in sufficient detail?




Do you have adequate health insurance, including a Medi-Gap policy? 




If Long-Term Care is necessary, is there a plan regarding how you will pay for it? Do you have long-term care insurance? Do you know how to qualify for Medicaid?




If you own real estate in more than one State, have plans been made to eliminate ancillary probate in your non-resident State?




Have you left sufficient liquid assets to provide for your spouse and any other dependents? Do you have enough life insurance?




Have you either expressed your wishes concerning funeral arrangements or purchased a pre-paid funeral contract?




Are there any minor children, disabled children or other special needs dependents you need to provide for? If so, has planning been done?




Are your living arrangements satisfactory and safe?




Is there a contingency plan regarding where you will live if your housing/living/health needs change?




Is your lifestyle consistent with your financial resources?




Has anything been done to protect you from fraud and abuse?




Have you consulted with an Elder Law Attorney?




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