Communities are where things happen. Our goal is to bring people together so they can discuss issues that matter to them. We believe our community is more likely to thrive when people share ideas, experience and wisdom. We also know that caregiving is hard work. Caregivers are often burdning the candle at both ends and in the middle. Knowing that makes us mindful of a scene from The West Wing, Season 2, Episode 10. There, the character Leo McGarry tells Josh Lyman:

“This guy’s walking down the street when he falls in a hole. The walls are so steep he can’t get out.
“A doctor passes by and the guy shouts up, ‘Hey you. Can you help me out?’ The doctor writes a prescription, throws it down in the hole and moves on.
“Then a priest comes along and the guy shouts up, ‘Father, I’m down in this hole can you help me out?’ The priest writes out a prayer, throws it down in the hole and moves on
“Then a friend walks by, ‘Hey, Joe, it’s me can you help me out?’ And the friend jumps in the hole. Our guy says, ‘Are you stupid? Now we’re both down here.’ The friend says, ‘Yeah, but I’ve been down here before and I know the way out.’


At some time or another, all of us have been in a hole. We want to be the guy you jumps into the hole and shows you the way out. That’s our goal at Ez Elder Law. We plan to do that by bringing you resources. We plan to bring you forums where caregivers can ask each other questions and share experiences. We hope to build a virtual caring closet where people can share stories, helpful hints, unused caregiving supplies and unwanted medical equipment. Among the pages we intend to bring is one with recipes of old-time dishes (to bring back memories) and easy to fix dishes (for caregivers on the go). We’re just getting started, so hang on!


News Round-up September 13, 2021

News Sources: ThinkAdvisor, 4 Signs your Client is Ready for a Roth IRA Conversion Morningstar, The ABCs of Estate Planning for IRAs Under the Secure Act Financial Advisor, Gray Divorce and Avoiding Retirement Ruin Health Affairs, Care for Elders, Prices and More (September 2021 issue) KHN, Telehealth’s Limits: Battle Over State Lines and Licensing Threatens […]

Combating Social Isolation, Loneliness, and Suicide Risk

On September 1, 2021, the Administration for Community LIving posted a guest blog titled “BE WITH: Combating Social Isolation, Loneliness, and Suicide Risk. The blog post describes “how one project is helping build capacity within the aging network to help address social isolation and loneliness and prevent suicide amongst older adults.” Contributors include Laura Shannonhouse, […]

News Round-up – August 30, 2021

Ed Asner died on August 29, 2021. He is most well known for playing Lou Grant, but my personal favorite was his voice in the movie “Up.” America will miss you Mr. Asner. New York Times |  Wikipedia. Selected stories from Current Awareness in Aging Research E-Clippings No. 4390: Social Security cost-of-living adjustment will likely […]

Issues To Consider as You Age

As you plan for your future, there are steps you can take to make life easier for yourself and your loved ones. Here are a few to consider: Issue Yes No N/A Do you have a financial power of attorney? If so, is it broad enough to address issues such as retirement accounts, stocks, and […]

News Round-up – August 17, 2021

National Institutes of Health: The Amazing Brain: A Sharper Image of the Pyramidal Tract Administration for Community Living: DOL announced an alliance with AAAED to promote people with disabilities in the national organization’s workplace equity efforts Webinars from National Paralysis Center Volunteer and Advocacy Opportunities, Wednesday, August 18 Virtual Support Groups, August 26th National Consumer […]

News Roundup 8-10-2021

National Health Center Week is August 8-14 The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) reported: Best Practices for Safe Vaccine Administration in Nursing Homes Validation of an electronic trigger to measure missed diagnosis of stroke in emergency departments The National Institutes of Health reported: Cellular defect found in inherited and sporadic ALS The Amazing […]

Remembering What’s Important – A Message from My Parents

My parents sent me this message in an email and I thought it was worth sharing: As we were reading last night with your brother in John chapter 11, we started thinking of the number of minutes in a day, and then that led into the number of days we have lived. Psalm 139:15-16 (ASV) […]

Dementia Friendly Home

The “August” 2021 issue of Alzheimer’s Today (Vol. 16, Number 1), includes an article titled “A guide to Creating a Dementia-Friendly Home.” The article states that most homes are built for young, active, individuals, .. not for the changing needs of older adults. “Dementia-friendly design is about creating a living space that improves the well-being […]

Georgia Co-Age Announces 2022 Legislative Priorities

The Georgia Council on Aging (Co-Age) recently announced its legislative priorities going into the 2022 legislative session. They are: Restore funding to home and community based services which was cut when Governor Kemp ordered that every department reduce spending. Appropriate $300,000 to $500,000 to increase funding for the Long-Term Care Ombudsman program. Allow Medicaid to […]

Indictment Announced in Case Involving Elderly Victim

On July 30, 2021, Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr announced the indictment of Borin Khoun on four counts of Theft by Taking in Gwinnett County Superior Court. The press release states: “Our Prosecution Division is committed to stopping criminals who perpetrate identity theft and financial fraud,” said Attorney General Chris Carr. “People who prey on […]

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