Raymond Davis, Sr., individually, and Raymond Davis, Jr., as an administrator of the Estate of Elsie T. Davis, sued First Healthcare Corporation d/b/a Savannah Convalescent Center (“Savannah Convalescent Center”), a nursing home, for wrongful death and negligence as a result of Elsie Davis falling out of bed while under its care. Savannah Convalescent Center moved […]

Curtis Peacock, the administrator of the estate of his mother, Nina Peacock, filed suit against HCP III Eastman d/b/a Heart of Georgia Nursing Home and Meadowbrook Management Company for aspects of the care his mother received while living at the nursing home. The complaint, which sought punitive damages, alleged that while his mother was a […]

Beverly Tutinas’s husband, Julian, was on Medicaid, but she was not. When Beverly died owning a home valued at $69,641.89 and a car worth $2,000, the State of Illinois filed a claim against Beverly’s estate, seeking to recover what Medicaid had invested in Julian’s care. The court found that, although the State clearly had a […]

Resident was sexually assaulted in a mental health facility. Plaintiff brought an action alleging negligent hiring, gross negligence, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, and premises liability. No expert report was filed. Defendants argued the claims sounded in malpractice and moved to dismiss based on failure to file an expert report. Because the duty to protect the […]

Defendant appealed following entry of judgment on verdict and denial of its motion for JNOV. Resident died after he went into a diabetic coma. His doctor had ordered insulin on a sliding scale with his blood sugar to be checked at least daily. Plaintiffs were able to show that on numerous occasions, insulin was not […]

Plaintiffs filed their expert report on August 29, 2005. The 120th day after filing the complaint was July 4th. Defendant assisted living facility moved to dismiss the complaint and the trial court denied the motion. On appeal, Plaintiffs argued that an abatement order extended the time for filing the report. The court held that the […]

The resident had a history of falling, was left unattended in a dining hall, and fell, hitting her head. Following the fall she was given a neurological assessment every four hours, but testimony at trial showed that the standard of care was every two hours. Further, she was not assessed at all between midnight and […]

A survival action was brought against the nursing home and its corporate parent. A jury found that the nursing home, the parent, and three employees were negligent, awarding $2,204,000. The trial court denied motions for judgment notwithstanding the verdict and Defendants appealed. On appeal the court found there was insufficient evidence to support a verdict […]

Resident suffered from pressure ulcers at two different nursing homes. After filing suit, Plaintiff settled with one nursing home, but not the other. When the claim went to trial the jury found that the non-settling nursing home was 51% liable and Resident was 49% liable. After entry of judgment in the amount of $270,300, the […]

On admission to the nursing home, the resident’s granddaughter executed an admission contract that included an arbitration agreement. Later, after the resident died, the resident’s daughter filed a wrongful death action. The trial court denied the motion to arbitrate, finding that Missouri law applied, that it was not pre-empted by the Federal Arbitration Act, that […]

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