O.C.G.A. § 53-7-41 states: “…Every personal representative shall, within 60 days from the date of qualification, publish a notice directed generally to all of the creditors of the estate to render an account of their demands. The notice shall be published once a week for four weeks in the official newspaper of the county in […]

Although we do NOT recommend that you prepare your own Will, an example of a form published by the Southern Judicial Circuit is below: Abraham Lincoln is one of the individuals credited for the saying “A Man Who Is His Own Lawyer Has a Fool for a Client.” USE THIS FORM AT YOUR OWN RISK. See our […]

Guardians must file a personal status report within sixty (60) days after appointment, and then annually, reporting the ward’s location, condition and any unmet needs. Although these forms tend to vary from court to court, unless the court directs that a different form be used, the following is an example of what guardians must file: […]

Initially, a conservator must file an inventory and asset management plan within 60 days after appointment. Each year a conservator must file an annual return and a final return must be filed when the conservatorship terminates (or when after the ward’s death). Unless the applicable Probate Court directs that a different form be used, the […]

Sometimes the original executor can no longer serve. The following form may be used to petition the Probate Court for appointment of a successor executor. Source: Cobb County Probate Court

If the person named as Executor in a Last Will and Testament does not wish to serve, most Probate Court require that he or she file a renunciation from executorship (if the named executor is deceased, file a copy of his or her death certificate). The following form is not an official form, but it […]

Unless the applicable Probate Court requires a different form, the following form may be used when preparing an estate inventory (if one is required). Use additional sheets as necessary. The inventory must be delivered to estate beneficiaries if there is a Will and to heirs-at-law if the estate is being administered. In uncontested cases, if […]

The following form may be used when seeking authority to open a safety deposit box after a decedent’s death to deterine whether the Last Will and Testament is there. If the Will is located, the attache Order authorizes the Petitioner to deliver the Will to the Probate Court. Source: Cobb County Probate Court

When you file a Petition to Probate a Will or for Letters of Administration, you must give notice to the heirs-at-law. Sometimes it’s difficult to determine who is an heir-at-law. The following worksheet can be used when identifing them: Source: Cobb County Probate Court (This form is available on several Probate Court websites) See O.C.G.A. […]

In Georgia, a Will must be self-proved or the witnesses to the Will must either sign written witness interrogatories or provide testimony that they observed the Will’s execution and that requisite formalities were observed. What happens if the witnesses are deceased or cannot be located? The law allows someone familiar with the decedent’s handwriting to […]

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