Sometime people want to avoid the expense of paying an attorney and they try DIY (do it yourself) fixes. Recently I met with someone trying to protect property. This person when to the clerk of Superior Court’s office and, after discussing what they wanted, took a fill-in-the-blank deed form offered by the clerk. Using that […]

If someone is receiving Medicaid and was injured through the negligence of others, Medicaid asserts a third-party claim against any recovery, whether by settlement or verdict. This is sometimes known as a Medicaid lien. The form shown below is one currently used by Georgia Medicaid when investigating whether a third-party claim exists.

Recently we received a document we haven’t seen before which informs Medicaid recipients that their special needs trust accounting was approved. Obviously, there is probably a different form telling some individuals that their accounting was not approved, but we haven’t seen that form yet. The new form is below:

After a policy holder dies, it is important to contact insurance companies to see whether a claim should be paid. Types of claims can include: Life insurance payout Refund of unused premiums Indemnities Typically assets with a beneficiary designation are not probate assets and should be paid to the person named as beneficiary. In some […]

elder law resources - ABLE Accounts - Additional Guidance - Trust Beneficiaries

Ideally, health care providers do the right thing. Good Care is provided. There is no negligence. But what if they don’t do the right thing? What if they are negligent? Should you have the right to consider your options regarding how to hold them accountable? Over the past two decades, many long-term care providers, especially […]

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(Last Updated: 9/6/2022) We’ve found the Georgia legal forms linked below from various sources. By linking them here, we are not suggesting that you DIY your legal work. If you care about something enough to protect it, hire a lawyer who knows how to do it right. Abraham Lincoln is one of the individuals credited […]

Georgia State Medicaid Plan - Rules of Evidence - Scholarly Articles

Below is an exemplar consent to a criminal background check. These are required in most guardianship cases and some probate cases.


O.C.G.A. § 53-7-41 states: “…Every personal representative shall, within 60 days from the date of qualification, publish a notice directed generally to all of the creditors of the estate to render an account of their demands. The notice shall be published once a week for four weeks in the official newspaper of the county in […]

Georgia State Medicaid Plan - Rules of Evidence - Scholarly Articles

Although we do NOT recommend that you prepare your own Will, an example of a form published by the Southern Judicial Circuit is below: Abraham Lincoln is one of the individuals credited for the saying “A Man Who Is His Own Lawyer Has a Fool for a Client.” USE THIS FORM AT YOUR OWN RISK. See our […]

estate planning

Guardians must file a personal status report within sixty (60) days after appointment, and then annually, reporting the ward’s location, condition and any unmet needs. Although these forms tend to vary from court to court, unless the court directs that a different form be used, the following is an example of what guardians must file: […]

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