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Other than using extreme diligence, there is no way to completely avoid identity theft. However, freezing your credit is a very good way to minimize it. To do this, you need to call or access online at least one of the major credit reporting agencies. A security freeze blocks most companies from accessing your credit […]

Romance Scams

elder law resources - ABLE Accounts

On February 13, 2023, Georgia Attorney General Carr warned Georgians to avoid romance scams this Valentine’s season. Carr’s press release stated: “Unfortunately, con artists will prey on people’s most vulnerable emotions by taking advantage of those who turn to online platforms in an attempt to foster new connections,” said Carr. “On Valentine’s Day and all […]

Amazon recently posted the following warning to customers: Stay safe from scammers this holiday season by getting to know their most common scams: Order Confirmation Scams. These are unexpected calls/texts/emails that often refer to an unauthorized purchase and ask you to act urgently to confirm or cancel the purchase. These scammers try to convince you […]

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