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Don’t Forge Signatures – Just Don’t

In The Matter of Jerry Boykin (Ga. S22Y0563 2/15/2022), attorney Jerry Bokin had been on disability status since 2018 and was not actively practicing. Nonetheless, in 2020, he filed a petition to probate a Will. After learning that a subsequent Will was filed appointing co-executors, Boykin tried to talk one of the co-executors into renouncing the appointment. When the co-executor refused, Boykin

forged the executor’s signature on an affidavit stating that the executor renounced the appointment, notarized the forged signature, and
filed the affidavit in the probate court.

Boykin’s conduct violated the following State Bar Rules:

Boykin filed a petition for voluntary surrender of his license prior to issuance of a formal complaint and the Georgia Supreme Court accepted it. He was reminded of his duties pursuant to Bar Rule 4-219(b)

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