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Default Community Spouse Resource Allowance

A Community Spouse is entitled to a resource allowance in addition to the income allowance. 42 U.S. Code § 1396r–5(f)(1) and (2) provide:

(1)  In general
An institutionalized spouse may, without regard to section 1396p(c)(1) of this title, transfer an amount equal to the community spouse resource allowance (as defined in paragraph (2)), but only to the extent the resources of the institutionalized spouse are transferred to (or for the sole benefit of) the community spouse. The transfer under the preceding sentence shall be made as soon as practicable after the date of the initial determination of eligibility, taking into account such time as may be necessary to obtain a court order under paragraph (3).

(2) Community spouse resource allowance defined
In paragraph (1), the “community spouse resource allowance” for a community spouse is an amount (if any) by which—

(A) the greatest of—

(i) $12,000 (subject to adjustment under subsection (g)), or, if greater (but not to exceed the amount specified in clause (ii)(II)) an amount specified under the State plan,
(ii) the lesser of (I) the spousal share computed under subsection (c)(1), or (II) $60,000 (subject to adjustment under subsection (g)),
(iii) the amount established under subsection (e)(2); or
(iv) the amount transferred under a court order under paragraph (3);

(B) the amount of the resources otherwise available to the community spouse (determined without regard to such an allowance).

As of 2023, the minimum resource standard is indexed at $29,724 and the maximum resource standard is indexed at $148,620. At this time, Georgia allows the Community Spouse to keep the maximum resource standard.

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