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Food is a traditional way to share time with family. The family table is where memories are made. It’s where values are shared. It’s where we traditionally gather around a meal, pause, and take a moment to smile, laugh, let our hair down and appreciate each other. Almost everyone values at least one family dinner memory and many humorous stories begin at the dinner table. Jerry Clower’s story about the Last Piece of Chicken is an example.

Our goal on this page (and related pages) is to share traditional recipes and focus you on making more memories.

One of my recipes is a Chili recipe that begins with a Firehouse Chili recipe I found on Allrecipes. Of course, i make things up as I go, and usually I make enough to fee the neighborhood, so here’s my version.

  • I take 8 to 10 pounds of ground beef, or a mixture of ground beef and ground pork, and fry it down, usually in batches, and draining the grease. Once done, I toss all of the meat into a very LARGE pot. Since I’ve drained off the beef and pork grease, I usually pour a little grape seed oil in the bottom of the pot to keep everything from sticking.
  • I dice at least 2 onion and toss them in the pot.
  • I rinse portabella mushrooms and toss them in the pot (I know this is not a traditional chili ingredient, but my wife likes mushrooms – and who says you have to follow the recipe completely?).
  • I toss in one to two cans of chili beans.
  • I toss in garlic, salt and pepper. Other spices I use from time to time include oregano, basil and paprika. When the mood strikes and I have one, I’ve been known to toss in a beer.
  • I slice and toss in sweet peppers (i don’t like bell pepper).
  • I toss in one bag of frozen fire roasted corn.
  • I toss in beef and/or chicken flavored better than bouillon and add chicken stock as necessary to increase fluid level (i never add water).
  • I toss in several (which may turn into up to ten) cans of diced fire roasted tomatoes.
  • I toss in tomato sauce and tomato paste as necessary.

Once the ingredients are in the pot, I set it on low to medium. I want the ingredients to reach a boil, but then i want to turn the temperature way down and let them cook slowly for several hours. When it’s done, I usually serve in a bowl, covering liberally with grated cheddar and/or sour cream, depending on taste. I almost always have leftovers, which go in Mason Jars that I deliver to family and the neighbors.

Recently, I slow cooked a 17 pound prime rib. YUM! I bought it at the Butcher’s Market, seared it for 15 minutes on 500, then turned the temp down to 325 and cooked it 13 minutes for each pound. It must have been good because it’s gone.  I also cooked mushrooms , following the advice on this video.mushrooms - Recipes and Restaurants




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News Round-up – 9-24-2021

Selected articles from Current Awareness in Aging Research E-Clippings: Staff Shortages Are Hammering Long-term Care Facilities, Home Care Agencies, and Families Pandemic-inspired retirement may be short-lived for many More than 41million dementia cases globally are undiagnosed – study Signs of Early Alzheimer’s May Be Spotted in Brain Stem The quality, not quantity, of cardiovascular fat […]

Memorable Memorial Day Fun – Making Memories 2021

On May 31, 2021, as were honor those Veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom, we also find time to make memories with those we love. These are intergenerational meals where memories beyond value reside. This year, three generations shared hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, chili, fresh fruit, banana pudding and pie. […]

Duck Donuts – Chattanooga, Tennessee

When you want to get kids (of any age) excited, you buy donuts. Well, there’s a place I recently discovered in Chattanooga called Duck Donuts. They make the donuts while you watch. Yesterday I ordered a dozen – 2 each of the following: Maple Bacon, Blueberry Pancake, Strawberry, The Beach, Cookies and Cream and Peanut […]

Mission BBQ – Chattanooga, Tennessee

A huge shoutout to Mission BBQ. The Chattanooga, Tennessee location is 1926 Gun Barrel Road, Chattanooga, TN 37421 (423-933-3098). Yesterday, I ordered Brisket and ts was delicious! The best I’ve ever had! Menu Mission BBQ honors Veterans every day. They are closed today, but when they reopen tomorrow, I highly recommend them. I’ve had the […]

Biscuits: Grandma Johnson’s Biscuits

I recall when my family moved to a Chicago suburb in 1973, no one knew what I was talking about when I asked for biscuits. It wasn’t until Jimmy Carter was elected President in 1976 that restaurants up there learned about biscuits, mayonnaise, iced tea and similar southern delicacies. I’m sharing this video because everyone […]

Jolly Roger Seafood (Blue Ridge, Georgia)

Today we had lunch at the Jolly Roger Seafood restaurant in Blue Ridge, Georgia. As always, it was awesome!. We began with the coconut shrimp and then ordered today’s special, which was a fried black seabass. The seabass literally melted in my mouth. Hopefully, they will have it next time. The first time we went […]

Cajun Depot Grill (Ellijay, Georgia)

When I visit Ellijay, one of my favorite places to eat is the Cajun Depot. It doesn’t disappoint. It’s located just outside downtown Ellijay. I’ve had the Etoufee crawfish, the fried oyster platter and the Bayou Platter. All were good.   Let us know what you think if you visit. And if you find any other […]

An easy way to celebrate Mother’s Day: Goldbelly ships from many famous restaurants and has special deals for Mother’s Day. I first discovered Goldbelly several years ago when i was looking for a Coconut cake described on Bobby Flay’s Throwdown. The cake is to-die-for and I’ve ordered from Goldbelly many times since. One favorite is Chicago style deep dish pizza. Can’t do […]

I love coffee cake!

This recipe looks good, but what I really love is remembering the coffee cakes my grandmother and Aunt Mary made when I was younger. Those were to die for! Allrecipe Coffee Cake

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