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Jolly Roger Seafood (Blue Ridge, Georgia)

Today we had lunch at the Jolly Roger Seafood restaurant in Blue Ridge, Georgia. As always, it was awesome!. We began with the coconut shrimp and then ordered today’s special, which was a fried black seabass. The seabass literally melted in my mouth. Hopefully, they will have it next time.

The first time we went to Jolly Roger, it was at the pre-Covid Ellijay location. We drove up and decided we must be in the wrong place because we had heard the food was great, … and the restaurant was attached to a gas station. Fortunately, we went inside and had the best seafood we’ve had outside of Florida. It was literally better than one of those supposed four-star places with the pricey menus (we ate at one in Cincinnati and literally told ourselves Jolly Roger is better). If you visit, let us know how you liked it. And tell us if you find another great restaurant so we can pass it on!

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