Corrine Barber died on June 22, 2005. Her Will left the bulk of her estate to her youngest child, Alecia Holmes (fathered by Adams). When Alecia offered the Will for probate, Corrine’s four older children (fathered by Barber) filed a caveat. They contended the Will was invalid due to undue influence. The probate court granted […]

In November 2002, Mrs. Medder’s husband died. Her husband left her real estate and personal property in his Will. In May, 2003, Mrs. Medders filed a renunciation and disclaimer “renouncing” the gift in her husband’s Will. Less than three years after the renunciation, Mrs. Medders applied for Medicaid. When Mrs. Medders applied for Medicaid, the […]

Richard J. Medalie, brought suit under the Medicare Secondary Payer statute (the “MSP”) against the drug companies that developed, manufactured, and marketed the drug Baycol. Following its decision in Stalley v. Catholic Health Initiatives, Nos. 06-3884, 06-4121, 2007 U.S. App. LEXIS 27331, 2007 WL 4165751 (8th Cir. Nov. 27, 2007), the Court held that an MSP […]

Margie Mary Anderson started receiving Medicaid benefits on January 1, 1994. She died on February 21, 2004. Prior to Ms. Anderson’s death, benefits in the amount of $99,345.81 were paid to her medical providers on her behalf by the Tennessee Bureau of TennCare. In June, October and November of 2003, TennCare sent letters to Henkel’s […]

Mary Virginia Jones Henkel started receiving Medicaid benefits on July 1, 1991. She died on February 19, 2003. In March of 2003, her Conservator sent the Tennessee Bureau of TennCare a copy of the final accounting for Henkel’s conservatorship. TennCare responded by sending a printout of medical services paid by the State to the conservator, […]

Margretta K. Brice died leaving two children, Janice B. Stout and Stephen Curtice Brice. After Margretta died in 2005, Stephen filed a petition to probate her Will in solemn form. Stephen and Janice were the only beneficiaries. With the petition, Stephen filed an acknowledgment of service and assent to probate instanter executed by Janice. The […]

n 2003, Frankie Walker created an irrevocable trust. After her death, her husband, Van Anda, sought to set aside the trust and transfers into the trust, arguing they were the product of undue influence. The trust, as drafted had the effect of leaving virtually all of Frankie’s estate to her sister, Mollie Lewis. Frankie, then […]

Porter Morrison Ryan was survived by her daughter, Mary Frances Tuttle and other relatives. After Porter died in 2003, Tuttle asked the court to probate a Will executed in 1956. The other relatives objected, contending that the 1956 Will was revoked when Porter executed a new Will in 1999. Tuttle responded arguing that Porter was […]

In a “short” order, the District Court adopted the Report and Recommendation of the Magistrate finding that a medical malpractice settlement was not subject to any Medicare repayment or lien. It does not appear as though CMS was a party to the action. Thomas G. Golden of Bainbridge Island, Washington, represented the Plaintiff. Mr. Golden […]

Stalley brought a qui tam action against a group of skilled nursing facilities for failing to reimburse Medicare under the Medicare Secondary Payer Act (MSP). The action was removed and then the Defendants filed a motion to dismiss for lack of Article III standing. Because he was neither eligible for Medicare nor injured, the Court […]

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