Plaintiff filed suit for nursing home negligence alleging multiple causes of action. Defendant filed a demur which was granted as to “the causes of action for willful misconduct, elder abuse, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The court struck the punitive damage allegations and prayer for non-economic damages, and denied a motion to add punitive […]

Defendant doctor was in charge of resident’s care at nursing home. Resident’s nutritional status was compromised, dropping approximately 30 pounds and pressure ulcers progressed from Stage II to Stage IV; when resident was taken to the hospital shortly before death, she was malnourished. Doctor filed an expert affidavit stating that he met the standard of […]

Beverly petitioned for a writ of certiorari and a writ of prohibition after being ordered to post a $25,000,000 supersedas bond before appealing an order for class certification. Plaintiff had argued that Beverly was unstable and that the class should be protected during appeal. The court found that requiring a bond prior to judgment is […]

Supreme Court reversed after trial court entered an order striking and dismissing Plaintiff’s complaint with prejudice for failing to properly revive the claim after the resident’s death. Plaintiff had filed a suggestion of death, motion for appointment of special administrator and request for order substituting parties, which was granted, but did not seek a formal […]

In this hospital fall case, after a jury returned a verdict for the estate, Defendants appealed four evidentiary rulings. First, defendants objected to the introduction of statistical evidence consisting of bar graphs in a nursing journal article and information kept by Defendants regarding other patient fall cases. The objections were not preserved because Defendants did […]

Plaintiff sued the nursing home for injuries suffered by and wrongful death of her father. The complaint alleged violations of federal regulations and State statutes and regulations concerning nursing home care, including those relating to Medicare and Medicaid, and the Georgia Bill of Rights for Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities. The complaint alleged negligence, negligence […]

A jury trial was held to determine whether Mildred Hilton had testamentary capacity to execute a new Will. After the jury found she lacked capacity, the trial court determined that the verdict was incorrect and entered judgment notwithstanding the verdict. Alternatively, the judge also entered an order granting a new trial. Under Georgia law, a […]

Nursing home moved to dismiss or, in the alternative, to transfer the case from Madison County to Jersey County based on forum non conveniens. The nursing home was located in Jersey County, but the owner also owned a facility in Madison County. Defendants claimed numerous witnesses would be inconvenienced unless the case was transferred and […]

Appellant was a mentally retarded girl, who had been placed under a guardianship after a finding that she lacked capacity to exercise good judgment with regard to her person, assets and financial affairs. While at a private facility, Appellant had sex with two men. Initially she reported that she was raped, but later reported she […]

Diversity case where RLI sued PIIL and USF to recover part of what RLI paid to settle a nursing home case. The nursing home and all three insurance companies settled the underlying claim in 2003 for $3.9 million. The issue on summary judgment was allocation of the settlement amount among the insurers. Applying Texas law, […]

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