Plaintiff, the estate of a 92 year old resident sued for neglect. The resident was wheelchair bound and had Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis. When she began showing signs of abnormality, she was examined and X-rays revealed a non-displaced spiral fracture of the distal tibia in her right leg. She was hospitalized and died a month […]

Jury found that nursing home and hospital were equally at fault. On JNOV, the trial court awarded damages for survival, medical expenses, funeral expenses and attorney’s fees. Court of appeals rejected nursing home’s argument that the trial court erred by redacting conclusions in the medical review panel report to the effect that the nursing home […]

The trial court sustained defendants’ exception of prematurity. The medical review panels’ term was about to expire without having reached a decision so an agreed motion was entered extending the panel. The order was, apparently, not signed until after the panel term expired. Plaintiffs filed suit and Defendants filed their exception. The trial court sustained […]

Defendants appealed judgment against nursing home and the patient’s compensation fund because judgment was improperly modified, because it did not limit medical malpractice liability of a qualified health care provider to $100,000 and because it did not provide that fund was not liable for violations of nursing home resident rights bill. Court of appeals found […]

Summary judgment for Defendants was affirmed where the attorney’s certificate that the case was reviewed by an expert prior to filing was not attached to the complaint in compliance with Miss. Code. Ann. § 11-1-58. The court rejected Plaintiff’s substantial compliance argument. The court also rejected Plaintiff’s argument that Defendant waived this defense by failing […]

Summary judgment was affirmed in part and reversed in part. The statute of limitations for underlying acts of negligence applies in a wrongful death suit; thus, Plaintiff claims for negligent acts occurring more than three years prior to the time the lawsuit was filed were barred. The court reversed that part of the summary judgment […]

Plaintiff appealed the trial court’s order granting the motion for summary judgment. “During discovery, the Appellees proposed a request for admissions “asking the plaintiff to admit or deny whether each individual caregiver acted within the standard of care.” Jordan responded to the request with non-responsive answers. After receiving Jordan’s response, the Appellees filed a motion […]

Plaintiffs moved for JNOV after the jury failed to award wrongful death damages and allocated 70% of damages to the ambulance service that had previously been settled. The trial court modified the award by increasing medical expenses and funeral expenses to reflect the actual damages evidenced at trial. The trial court also awarded 40% of […]

Defendant nursing home moved to compel arbitration. The trial court denied the motion, and the nursing home appealed. The agreement provided that controversies would be arbitrated pursuant to Alternative Dispute Resolution Service Rules of Procedure for Arbitration of the American Health Lawyers Association. Rule 6.06 provided that the “arbitrator may not award consequential, exemplary, incidental, […]

Both parties appealed after the court severed limitations on damages but compelled arbitration. In 2004, Plaintiff filed suit for negligence and violations of the Assisted Living Facilities Act. Alterra moved to compel arbitration because the resident’s agent, who held a power of attorney, signed the Residency Agreement containing an arbitration provision. The court compelled arbitration […]

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