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Welcome to EZ Elder Law – Video Welcome

Welcome to EZ Elder Law! My name is David L. McGuffey and I launched in March of 2021. This is not my law firm website. This website is an educational endeavor.

Although we may eventually offer advertising opportunities like the ones that appear on the right side of most blog pages, we’re not selling any legal or financial services on this site. At the time of this post, we have more than 300 pages and almost 1,000 posts. This began as a 10 year projects and we’re into our third year. We’ve learned a few things along the way, mostly about organizing large quantities of information. Over time, much of the content will be reorganized around a table of contents similar to a book format. Also, many of the pages and longer blog posts will be broken into smaller topic specific posts, hopefully making it easier for you to drill down and find the answers you’re seeking. It will also make it easier for us to update content as new cases, laws and regulations appear. Some pages are written for the general public, but many include references and links to cases, statutes and regulations so younger lawyers can answer questions for their clients. If you are an experienced elder law attorney and you would like to contribute material on an elder law or special needs law topic, we welcome your help. If you’re just getting into elder law and you would like to submit a case summary or news item, please contact us.

If we haven’t answered a questions you have, we welcome your suggestions on what to cover next. If you think something can be said more simply, we always welcome constructive criticism that helps us communicate more effectively. If you have suggestions, you can reach me at or at





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