Plaintiff filed suit, settled for $87,487.85 , and then secured a final judgment in State Court. Later, when plaintiff sought to garnish the insurance policy, the insurer removed the action to federal court. Plaintiff sought to remand the case to State court, citing 28 U.S.C. § 1332(c)(1), which provides that in a direct action against […]

This is a reinsurance case involving Laurier, an insurer of Extendicare, and its reinsurance carrier, Employers. In 2002 Laurier, Extendicare’s insurer, settled a wrongful death case and allocated $2.5 million to alleged negligence at Extendicare’s Alpine location during 1996. Laurier sought indemnification from Employers which was denied. Employers claimed Laurier’s failure to give prompt notice […]

Suit was filed after a CNA failed to check the water temperature before bathing resident; resident was burned and died 3 days later. Suit was settled for $1.5 million. One of Defendant’s insurers paid $200,000; Defendant paid the balance of $1.3 million because its other insurer was in liquidation. Defendant then sought indemnification from the […]

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