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We regularly post links to news articles and other resources that might be of interest to our viewers. We focus on general news, health and healthcare news, special needs news, events, government sources, financial and retirement news and legal news. Only headlines are listed so you can use this page like a newspaper, reading only those articles that catch your attention. We do not vouch for the quality of any linked source or the accuracy of information on third-party sites. If you have news you want us to post in a future addition of our news roundup, email us at

April is Autism Acceptance Month and Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month. It is also National Financial Capability Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Social Security Month.

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Government Sources:

  • GAO: Where’s your tax refund?
  • CMS’s data on the changes of nursing home ownership — which includes details on mergers, acquisitions, and consolidations — is now available on
  • CMS: 2020 Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey Early Look
    • The majority of Medicare beneficiaries living in the community are White non-Hispanic, between 65 and 84 years of age, and live in English-speaking households;
    • Over three-quarters of Medicare beneficiaries living in the community report good, very good, or excellent health. Approximately 81 percent report the same or better health compared to one year ago;
    • Almost half of Medicare beneficiaries living in the community report at least one disability. Around one-quarter report difficulties with walking or climbing stairs;
    • Most Medicare beneficiaries living in the community report no trouble or delays in accessing health care and are satisfied with health care quality, ease of access, and cost.

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