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Medicaid: The Limit is the Limit

The Limit is the Limit. An 84 year old applicant was denied Medicaid for the months of December 2007 through February 2008. She had sold her home in August and after paying debt, used the remaining $18,686 in equity paying for nursing home care until she ran out of funds in December 2007. Her son filed an application for Medicaid which was denied due to confusion regarding burial and life insurance policies. A new application was filed in March which was approved, but eligibility was denied for the prior months of December through February. The decision recites that her bank account balance was $5,176.98 on December 1st, $2,047.61 on January 1st and $2,311.05 on February 1st. Since countable resources exceeded the $2,000 limit on the 1st of each month, the Court affirmed DFCS’s denial of eligibility for December through February.

OSAH-Hart-Kennedy-8-2008.pdf August 13, 2008).

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