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Medicaid: Denial Affirmed Because Applicant was Over-Resourced

The Limit is the Limit, Part 3. Petitioner was originally admitted to Ridgewood Manor, a nursing home in Dalton, and later transferred in July 2007 to Shepherd Hills in Lafayette.  Meanwhile, in May of 2007, her Community Spouse was admitted to a hospital and remained either hospitalized or in a nursing home until his death on June 25, 2007. Petitioner applied for Medicaid on July 31, 2007 and was denied eligibility for May, June and July because her checking account balance was slightly over $2,000 on the first day of each month notwithstanding large payments to the nursing home. The ALJ found it unnecessary to resolve a dispute concerning whether Petitioner owned one or two life insurance policies since she was over-resourced by virtue of her bank account balances. The denial was affirmed.

OSAH-Whitfield-Kennedy-4-2008.pdf (April 10, 2008).

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