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The “August” 2021 issue of Alzheimer’s Today (Vol. 16, Number 1), includes an article titled “A guide to Creating a Dementia-Friendly Home.” The article states that most homes are built for young, active, individuals, .. not for the changing needs of older adults. “Dementia-friendly design is about creating a living space that improves the well-being and safety of the person living with dementia, while making caregiving less difficult and more fulfilling for their families.” It suggests the following as features to consider: colors, contrast, lighting and decor as important for adults with dementia. The article also refers readers to the Alzheimer’s Foundation website where you can take a virtual tour of an Alzheimer’s friendly apartment. A similar article, discussing how COVID-19 impacted long-term care facilities, states that persons with dementia account for about 50% or more of all residents in long-term care facilities world-wide and “are vulnerable to infectious diseases due to poor overall lung health and frailty, often compounded by chronic co-morbidities.” It goes on to say that future dementia care must take the triad of care (resident, caregiver/staff, building) into account, as each component must work together to make the model work, which is exactly what dementia-friendly environments are designed to do.

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