After Plaintiff filed suit, Defendant filed a motion to dismiss, compel arbitration and stay discovery. The magistrate entered a report and recommendation that the motion be denied. Before the magistrate the plaintiff raised enough evidence to question the nursing home resident’s capacity to enter into an arbitration agreement. The plaintiff also argued that because a […]

Former employee of a nursing home alleged sexual harassment. Her employment agreement included an arbitration agreement. She moved to compel arbitration and the nursing home opposed, arguing plaintiff failed to meet a condition precedent and because plaintiff waived her right to arbitration when she commenced a civil action instead of initiating arbitration. Plaintiff argued the […]

Plaintiff filed a wrongful death action against nursing home alleging the nursing home and its employees were responsible for her father’s death. Essex Insurance filed a declaratory judgment action seeking a determination of its duties of defense and indemnity. Plaintiff in the underlying action against the nursing home moved to dismiss the claim or, in […]

Plaintiff filed suit alleging that Defendants participated in an unlawful scheme to fraudulently convey Beverly’s assets through a merger transaction to avoid paying civil judgments. Defendants moved to dismiss. The court found that Mississippi’s long arm statute did not reach the Defendants and granted the motion.

Plaintiff brought suit against Nexion Health Management and Nexion Health at Mount Pleasant contending that her mother was placed in a defective Braun wheelchair lift and that she was thrown from the lift. Plaintiff was required to file an expert report within 120 days of filing the suit. She sought additional time “due to Nexion’s […]

Plaintiff filed wrongful death action against a nursing home alleging personal service on February 18, 2005. Default was entered on March 24, 2005. The case was removed to federal court on April 4, 2005. On April 13, 2005, default judgment was entered in State court. Plaintiff then filed a motion for default in federal court, […]

Nursing home appealed after it failed a survey and CMS threatened to terminate its provider agreement. After immediate jeopardy items were corrected, the sanction was downgraded to denial of payment for new admissions and withdrawal of approval for nurse aide training program. The denial of payment resulted in a loss of $43,600. The nursing home […]

Annie Pickens resided at Defendants’ nursing home from October 8, 2002 until April 19, 2003, dying the next day. A wrongful death action was filed in State court on August 30, 2004; defendants removed it to federal court on January 10, 2005. Defendants moved to dismiss and on February 7, 2005, Plaintiffs agreed to dismiss […]

Lloyds commenced the defense of a wrongful death case against the insured nursing home and various other entities. It did so under a reservation of rights. Later, when on of the employees pleaded guilty to manslaughter, Lloyds filed a declaratory judgment action alleging it had no duty to defend or indemnify because criminal acts committed […]

After Plaintiff’s case was removed to federal court, a motion to remand was filed and granted. Plaintiff argued that allegations that Defendant violated 42 U.S.C. § 1396r does not provide a basis for federal jurisdiction because there is no private cause of action relating to nursing home quality of care standards. The court applied the […]

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