February is American Heart Month! Read President Biden’s Proclamation on American Healrth Month 2022 We regularly post links to news articles and other resources we believe might be of interest to our viewers. We focus on general news, health and healthcare news, special needs news, events, government sources, financial and retirement news and legal news. […]


February 18th is National Caregiver’s Day! General News Sources: Will Social Security run out of money? Here’s what could happen to your benefits if Congress doesn’t act Georgia AG Carr Warns Georgians to Beware of Romance Scams | FBI Warning North Macedonia President Walks Girl With Down’s Syndrome To School After She Was Bullied What […]

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has published new tools on Reverse Mortgages. The tool box includes basic information, eligibility, information about fees and how reverse mortgages are repaid.  

Use the Social Security Administration’s Retirement Calculator in your personal my Social Security account to get personalized benefit estimates that are closer to what your actual benefit will be when you’re ready to start receiving them.

Charles Schwab Foundation President Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz discusses how to get the most out of Social Security.

At one time or another, many seniors consider adding a child as a co-signer on his or her bank account. Whether that is wise depends on a common understanding of why the senior is adding the child, and the child’s integrity. For example, most bank accounts are owned as joint tenants with rights of survivorship. […]

On April 26, 2021, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Office of Financial Protection for Older Americans sent us a link to the following resources: Managing Someone Else’s Money – these guides are for financial caregivers who are managing the money or property of a loved one who is incapacitated Planning for retirement – a tool to help […]

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