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Alternative Baseball®

Recently we received an unsoliticed email regarding Alternative Baseball®, which originated in Dallas, Georgia, and we decided to republish it here. If you have any interest in participating, contact information is below.

Greetings! My name is Taylor Duncan! I am 26 years old and I have autism. I am also the Founder and President of the Alternative Baseball Organization, a 501c3 authentic baseball experience for teens 15+ and adults with autism and other disabilities across America. For the first time ever, we are hosting the first West Georgia Community Comeback and Empowerment tour. The Community Empowerment Tour will see Alternative Baseball players with disabilities participate in fun, exhibition games (open to the public) alongside local community leaders, public officials, and other individuals of importance to promote excitement, enrichment, and inclusive empowerment throughout and beyond the world of sports! Events will be held in Carroll, Cherokee, Floyd, Haralson, and Paulding Counties during the Fall! After the Community Empowerment Tour, Alternative Baseball is hosting the first ever baseball stadium exhibition with players with disabilities and former professional baseball players in a 9-inning classic at AT&T Field in Chattanooga, Tennessee in November; starring players from 10 states! We would be grateful for your financial help in making this dream come true for us! Sponsorships come in the form of advertisements for the online game program to be distributed in the form of a QR code to attendees at each event. The special rate is $150 for a full page. This means to advertise with a full page in our online ad-book, you would only be contributing about $22 per game ($150 / 7 Games) Donations are also greatly appreciated and are tax-deductible! The ad-book will be hosted on our website for those across the country to access!

When I was much younger, I had speech issues, sensory issues, anxiety issues, and more that came with having autism… I found it difficult to find acceptance due to my disability diagnosis. I wasn’t able to participate in competitive sports due to the developmental delays and social stigma/preconceived ideas from those who thought they knew what one with autism can and cannot accomplish. With the help of my mom, teachers, and mentors who believed in me, I’m now where I am today in my life: living with the goal to inspire, raise awareness, and acceptance for autism and disabilities nationally through America’s Pastime: BASEBALL! I started this organization to give others (like myself with disabilities) an opportunity to be accepted for who they are and to be encouraged to be the best they can be. On the field, we follow the classic edition of the Major League rules (wood bats, base stealing, dropped third strike, etc.), and is a true typical team experience for others on the autism spectrum and disabilities to help develop social skills for later in life. The only adaptation we use is the ball itself: slightly larger and much softer than a regulation size baseball.

However, we not only focus on the baseball skills. In many areas across the country, program offerings and opportunities for individuals with disabilities are so limited that it is impossible for the few that exist to answer to the needs of the entire disability spectrum; especially higher-functioning adults who are most often cut off from continuing life skills enrichment upon aging out of the public school system. Indeed, we also focus on instilling character, work ethic, communication skills, and what it means to be a steward off the diamond in order to provide assistance in preparing our players for life off the baseball diamond! Volunteer coaches and program managers serve in mentorship-esque roles to instill and teach leadership qualities to our players. By promoting this sense of empowerment and enrichment through the fun of America’s Pastime, we are working hard to contribute to the lowering of the unemployment rate of individuals with disabilities. Alternative Baseball provides this needed solution within the communities served.

The program has been highlighted on ESPN Baseball Tonight, NBC’s TODAY Show, Sports Illustrated, Los Angeles Times, among other local ABC/FOX/NBC/CBS affiliates across the United States. We’ve started with one club in Cobb County to now setting up 25+ clubs across America; located from coast to coast (Washington to Maine!) Now, we are putting together this first tour where community leaders and public officials will participate in exhibition games alongside our players with disabilities! It is our goal to engage with the communities as much as possible. Therefore, these events will also be held as recruiting events for more volunteers and potential players for new programs to be established. Please let us know how we can best serve your needs. Let’s make history together! Any help is truly appreciated and I’m happy to answer any questions! Regardless, we would still greatly appreciate your attendance at our events! We are always happy to show you around! Thank you for your time!

Please see my TEDx talk here on the importance of providing opportunities throughout and beyond athletics for those with disabilities:


Taylor Duncan




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