POMS Trust Provisions

SI 01120.199: Early Termination Provisions and Trusts

SI 01120.200: Trusts – General, Including Trusts Established Prior to 1/1/00, Trusts Established with the Assets of Third Parties and Trusts Not Subject to Section 1613(e) of the Social Security Act

SI 01120.201: Trusts established with the assets of an individual on or after 1/1/00

SI 01120.202: Development and Documentation of Trusts Established on or after 1/1/00

SI 01120.203: Exceptions to Counting Trusts Established on or after 1/1/00

SI 01120.204: Notices for Trusts Established on or after 1/1/00

SI 01120.225: Pooled Trust Management Provisions

SI 01120.227 Null and Void Clauses in Trust Documents

SI 01150.121 Exceptions – Transfers to a Trust


Emergency Message EM-14026 Regional Centralization of SSI Trust Reviews

Trust Training Fact Guide with OISP-OGC Corrections


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