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NORC Webinar regarding Tips for Identifying Trauma, Potential Abuse and Supporting Nursing Home Residents, June 18, 2021

On June 18, 2021, the National Ombudsman Resource Center will hold a webinar from 3:00 to 4:30 ET regarding resuming in-person visits during Covid 19. It will feature tips for identifying trauma, potential abuse and supporting residents.

Dr. Laura Mosqueda, a national and international expert on elder abuse and neglect, will provide tips for Ombudsman programs conducting in-person visits, such as signs of trauma in response to isolation and loss during the pandemic and potential signs of abuse and neglect. She will also share recommendations for supporting residents and available resources. As an accomplished physician and researcher, Dr. Mosqueda has testified in front of Congress and has been invited to the White House several times to discuss elder justice initiatives. She has taken the lead on landmark studies to identify forensic markers of abuse and neglect and serves as a volunteer representative for the California Long-Term Care Ombudsman program.

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