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Egg Custard Pie

I was raised eating Egg Custard Pie. It’s one of my favorites. My dad’s family was dirt poor, living in east Tennessee. When his birthday came around, invariably his “cake” was egg custard pie because it’s simple, inexpensive and delicious. When he married my mom, one of the first things his mom taught my mom was how to make these pies. My mom made her own crust in 9inch inch, deep dish pie pans. In my humble opinion, these pies are best if you let them sit in the refrigerator overnight after cooking them. There were may mornings growing up when a pie that was made the night before was a special breakfast.

I found the recipe below on and I’ve used it in my kitchen. I have not ventured far enough to make my own pie crust, but these pies are still delicious and bring back fond memories.

Grandma’s Egg Custard Pie


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