No Retroactive Application of Policy Changes Permitted; Payments for Renovations to Accommodate Petitioner Permitted; Payments Consistent with Prior Accepted Obligation Permitted. Petitioner was hospitalized with a stroke in 2008, after which she went to live with one of her sons until she was re-hospitalized in November 2008. Thereafter, she remained in a nursing home. Petitioner […]

Personal Services Contract rejected. Petitioner was admitted to a nursing home in October 2008,where she continued to stay. At the time, she had $36,332 in resources. Petitioner entered into a contract with Ms. Hailey to provide personal care services at the nursing home for life for $23,000. Her life expectancy was 10 more years. The […]

Direct Transfer to disabled child allowed from date ALS was diagnosed. Petitioner made transfers directly to a disabled child with ALS. However some transfers were made prior to the determination of disability and others were made after the disability determination. DFCS attempted to penalize all transfers since they were directly to the disabled child rather […]

Transfer penalty cannot be imposed where transfer was exclusively for purpose other than to qualify for Medicaid. Petitioner was admitted to a nursing home with dementia and her doctor states she cannot make legal decisions. Petitioner owned her home jointly with her daughter following the death of Petitioner’s husband. The daughter then conveyed the home […]

Penalty Affirmed After Life Estate Conveyed; Hardship Waiver Unavailable Because No Legal Action was Taken to Recover Property. Petitioner, a divorced individual, acquired a life estate in business property with his ex-wife owning the remainder interest. He entered a nursing home in March 2008 and his Medicaid application was denied after the caseworker valued his […]

Transfer Penalty Reversed Where Care Services Were Provided Under Agreement. Petitioner was discharged from a nursing home to home in 2004, where she remained until she returned in 2008. At the time of discharge she agreed to transfer her property valued at $262,970 on the 2006 assessment (when the transfer occurred) if her son provided […]

When Determining Value, Equity Value is CMV Minus mortgages and Liens. Petition created a revocable living trust in 2006. In July 2006, her granddaughter charged in excess of $30,000 on Petitioner’s credit cards before the granddaughter was hospitalized.  Thereafter, Petitioner fell behind on the mortgage and her home was in danger of foreclosure. Petitioner and […]

No Penalty For Transfer to Disabled Child. DFCS imposed a transfer of resources penalty where Petitioner transferred cash assets to a disabled daughter. DFCS’s reasoning was that cash assets were transferred to the disabled child outright as opposed to transferring them to a trust for her sole benefit. Citing 42 U.S.C. § 1396p(c)(2)(B)(iii) and Section 2342 of the […]

Penalty Reversed Where Home was Given to Caregiver Child. In 2002, Petitioner’s daughter moved into Petitioner’s home to provide care. In 2003, Petitioner was bedridden after back surgery; the daughter continued providing care on a full-time basis and also paid some of Petitioner’s expenses. On December 25, 2004, Petitioner gave her home to her daughter, […]

No Penalty Where Transfer Reimbursed Third Party for Paying Applicant’s Expenses. Petitioner was admitted to a nursing home on May 7, 2008 and remained there until her death on July 24, 2008. Petitioner filed an application for Medicaid on July 3, 2008, seeking retroactive coverage. The application was denied after DFCS discovered a $22,668.56 transfer […]

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